Constance Therapeutics and GCF

Advancing the Treatment of Sports-Related Injuries

Constance Therapeutics and the Gridiron Cannabis Foundation (GCF) have partnered to advance research on the benefits of whole plant cannabis extracts for athletes suffering from chronic pain, brain trauma and other sports-related injuries.  The two organizations have aligned to help athletes and their physicians avoid being limited to traditional pharmaceuticals and to further support a science-based approach to Care 2.0. CEO and Founder Constance Finley ultimately created her own extracts to treat her autoimmune disease after pharmaceuticals failed her.


Why the Gridiron Cannabis Foundation?

The sport of American Football is plagued with multiple ailments and diseases currently void of non-addictive treatments and cures. GCF is determined to resolve this impasse to allow players and the public option of an organic treatment for injury and illness through Cannabis.

Constance Therapeutics is pursuing new field research to further support these efforts, based on the understanding that whole plant cannabis extracts from the female cannabis plant (not hemp) are more effective than isolated compounds, such as CBD only. Further, this research will take into account the necessity of THC for optimal benefit, as indicated by “The Entourage Effect,” and will allot the appropriate amount of time and resources required to truly determine the potential cannabis extracts have to offer sports-related injuries, where others have failed to do so.

Constance Therapeutics and the Gridiron Cannabis Foundation are determined to drive a new generation of care for athletes, one where modern medicine accepts whole plant cannabis extracts as a potential alternative or integrative treatment option to prescription medications.

Check back here for more information on the results of our combined research.