Terpenes: What are they, and Why Do they Matter to Medical Cannabis Oil?


What are Terpenes? Terpenes are a class of organic compounds (hydrocarbons) produced by a variety of plants.

Each cannabis plant may contain dozens of terpenes, giving each strain its scent and flavor. The unique combination of different terpenes helps differentiate one strain from another and offers a unique set of benefits ranging from enhanced neurological functions and increased circulation to altered cell permeability.

Why Terpenes Matter – the Entourage Effect in Cannabis Extracts

Scientific research has shown that some secondary compounds create a synergy that elevates the overall effectiveness of a cannabis remedy, while others aid in mitigating potentially negative side effects. This is known as the entourage effect.

It is believed terpenes and terpenoids can enhance the beneficial effects of the primary ingredients in cannabis-based medicinal extracts (primarily THC and CBD) and may contribute meaningfully to the entourage effects of these treatments.

Constance Pure Botanical Extracts takes great care to ensure that terpenes (and the many other beneficial compounds extracted from the various parts of the cannabis plant) are preserved in the final product.

To learn more, see Introduction to Terpenes in Medical Cannabis Oil in our knowledge center or contact us to talk to a knowledgeable staff member at Constance Pure Botanical Extracts.