Certified By Constance: Thinking Outside the Box on Your Pursuit to Wellness

In previous Certified by Constance entries, we’ve discussed tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis and also when suffering from illness.

This month I wanted to focus on the products that can help you achieve wellness that are maybe more, unconventional. These featured items have not only helped me, but allowed me to be creative and have more fun in my pursuit of wellness.


Pong Cell Phone Cases

The world is addicted to their cell phones – myself included. For many of us, it’s our main source of communication and information. However, a recent study by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) shows that the radiofrequency radiation emitted from cellular devices can possibly be linked to serious health issues, including a decrease in Brain Glucose Metabolism and an increase in cancer. Of course we cannot just discard our cell phones, but we can utilize tools that can reduce the risks. Pong cases are embedded with a micro-thin, gold-plated antenna that both maintains the phone’s signal and redirects radiation away from the user. I have found this product to be a nice compromise allowing me to both use my phone and also protect myself from any potential harm.

HP Velotechnik FX Scorpion Tricycles

For those looking to increase their physical activity, this is the ride for you! These tricycles are not the ones you know from your youth. The HP Velotechnik FX Scorpion Tricycles are a great way to develop an exercise routine without adding the excess strain to your body. The seats are incredibly comfortable and adjusted at a height of 35 cm, making it higher and more upright than the standard tricycle. The seat and frame is lightweight and adjustable, making it easily personalized to the user’s body type. The FX Scorpion also offers heightened stability and is easy to maneuver and brake. And when you’re done with your bike ride, simply fold up the tricycle into its compact form and store it away.

Living a healthy lifestyle is something I take very seriously, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it by thinking outside the box.

Earthing Products

Sometimes we just need to kick off our shoes, lay in the grass and soak up the sun. That relaxation technique actually has a name- it’s called Earthing. Earthing is the process of connecting with the earth with no barriers- shoes, floors, concrete- interfering and thus gaining natural energy from the ground. Earthing is a scientific breakthrough and there are countless studies on its constantly expanding list of benefits, which include improving emotional health, reducing inflammation in the body and lessening the effects of muscle damage. If you don’t have the time to make it outside, there are excellent products that can give you the same energy transference as traditional Earthing can. For those sitting in an office, I recommend the Earthing Mat, which can you can rest under your desk to lay your feet on, or under your keyboard for support for your hands. I also enjoy the Earthing Sheets, which give you a similar grounded feeling as you sleep. Waking up in the morning is much easier when you feel rejuvenated and refreshed from a natural energy source!

Living a healthy lifestyle is something I take very seriously, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it by thinking outside the box. It’s important for your mental, physical and emotional health to find a balance between wellness and enjoying life. These products are just a few that can help connect the two and I hope you find them helpful. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for more great products, I’d love to hear about them! You can tweet me at @ConstanceCAOils and we can continue the conversation.

- Constance Finley, Founder and CEO