Watch a Video of Constance’s Keynote Talk from the Integrated Health Conference

Earlier this year, Constance Finley, CEO and founder of Constance Pure Botanical Extracts, was a keynote speaker and presenter at the Integrated Health conference in San Diego, California. Watch the video below of the talk, “Cannabis Therapeutics: Ancient Methodologies Emerging,” for a wonderful introduction to the enormous healing potential of cannabis:

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The video was filmed at the annual conference of Integrated Health International, an organization dedicated to preventing, healing, and reversing cancer and other degenerative diseases through an integrative approach to medicine. It attracts thousands of people from around the world seeking resources and solutions for living disease-free.

In the video, Constance tells the powerful, compelling story of her own personal journey from debilitating illness to wellness through cannabis oil and the groundbreaking milestones that led to the founding and growth of CPBE.

If you haven’t heard Constance’s story (and even if you have), it is hard not be amazed and inspired. The video also touches on the exciting research that CPBE is directly taking part in to further the understanding of cannabis therapeutics, as well as surprising facts and benefits of cannabis shown by the latest research.

Be sure to also check out our knowledge center for the latest research and blog for the latest news from the field of cannabis therapeutics. You may also be interested in hearing about the amazing success our patient-members have had with our THC and CBD-rich cannabis extracts.