Vapor Pen Guide

Refer to Liquid 9 Rechargeable User Guide for Care and Instructions


After researching and experimenting with several vaporizer pens on the market, Constance Therapeutics found Jupiter to be unmatched in their elegant fusion of science and design. Their cutting-edge technology, along with their focus on making user-friendly, high quality products proved to be an ideal fit as a delivery method for Constance Therapeutics extracts.

We have prepared, charged, and filled the personal vaporizer pen for your use. The vapor pen is a supplement to the Protocol and our cannabis extracts. The extract in your vapor pen will add more cannabinoids to the body during the day without additional psychoactive side effects. The pen may also help decrease pain, in inflammation, anxiety, and grogginess. You do not have to refill the pen yourself.

To use the pen, simply insert the cartridge into the device body. Draw on the mouthpiece to activate vaping. You will feel an active haptic pulse feedback to indicate that the pen is working. Take one to two inhalations of the vapor pen three times during the day or as you feel necessary. When the charge runs low, you will feel an active pulse. Refer to Liquid 9 Rechargeable User Guide for details. A USB plug is accompanied with your pen. Plug the USB into an active port or wall adapter. Do NOT insert the USB plug into your computer or laptop device to charge, but you may use any other standard charging outlet. When halo pulses red, the device is charging. Once halo is green, the device is fully charged.

If you are in a colder environment, you may experience that the first draw is weak; please tryagain as the pen may need to warm up. Do NOT leave your pen in a warm or hot environment, such as your pocket or car, as excessive heat may cause the pen to leak.



In order to maintain a strong connection between your vape pen battery and cartridge, we recommend cleaning the bottom of the cartridge and the inside connection port of the battery on a weekly or frequent basis. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean cotton swab to remove any oil residue. Allow them to dry before re-inserting the cartridge. This weekly cleaning will ensure that your pen and cartridge operate at their optimal level.

In the event that your vapor pen stops working, please contact manufacturer at Jupiter Research may offer an exchange for product defects.

*Continue to increase by 0.1mL each day

The guide is simply a recommendation. You may increase at a faster or slower rate based on your response to the extract and experience with cannabis in general. Continue the recommended schedule above until you notice symptom relief.

Constance Finley