Hi,My name is Dana and I live in northern California.

As you know, California has legal Marijuana and we believe us fortunate to be able to have cannabis oil as an option in my treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Before I tell you my story let me say that I am being treated at UCSF with traditional chemo therapy and I have no intention to stop mainline, traditional therapy. This last summer I was in Hawaii for a few weeks and read the bio on Steve Jobs. I read as he opted for unconventional treatment of his liver cancer and in the end it failed him. By the time he came back around and was willing to try traditional means, it was too late for him. I am not going to let that happen to me. I am using traditional therapy in conjunction with cannabis oil and I believe it is the combination that is helping me. Having said that, the MD’s have been surprised by the “robust” reaction I have had and we are all happy I am currently in complete remission.

In June off 2014 while vacationing in Hawaii, I received a diagnosis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma. It had manifested itself in my lymph nodes just under my left jaw. The nodes were swollen and it was as if I had a small hot dog under my skin. It ran from just before my chin up under my left ear. I also has some side pain at this time. Once I was diagnosed I was given a PET scan. This is the cancer scan done with an atomic sucrose solution and it shows everywhere one might have cancer. My side pain turned out to be a lesion on my left seventh rib. It was infiltrating the soft tissue and was causing some pain there. Squamous Cell Carcinoma is a skin cancer normally but for me it formed inside. The cancer spread (metasisized) to the location on my side and was seen in the PET scan lying on my skeleton on my shin, my left shoulder, my sternum, and my pelvis. It was apparently there developing some foothold on my bones, I guess, but I was surprised as it caused no pain and had no indication it was there. I went to UCSF for a number of reasons and when I first arrived I saw Dr.Ryan, the head surgeon for head and neck cancer. He said I would be lucky to live two years. He referred me on to the oncologist that treats me now.

I left Hawaii and came back home to begin the testing and scans necessary to gain all the information necessary to see the MD’s at UCSF. I sent the info to UCSF, Stanford University, and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. They all accepted me and I decided on UCSF for my treatment. I am 65 years old and quite active. I am told that perhaps part of the reason I am doing OK is that the cancer is not in any organ, I weigh 250lbs (5’-11”) and could afford to lose some weight, and I was on no medication for anything and never have been. I was otherwise very healthy when the diagnosis came. My son, my wife, and I immediately began a search for alternative solutions as well as researching the chemo formula that is most successful with my cancer. My son suggested looking into the oil and we all jumped in. We are fortunate to have these resources close so I went and met Constance. After speaking with her, researching the internet and discovering a plethora of antidotal information that makes it appear that some folks are having positive results from using the oil, I decided to try it. In the end we decided to supplement conventional treatment with the oil and began taking the oil about two weeks before I began chemo. By the time I was beginning chemo in July, 2014 I was taking the recommended 1 gram a day of Constance, first press cannabis oil. I continued that until Thanksgiving when I had a new PET scan. The first scan was in June upon diagnosis. The second came in September, 9 weeks (three treatments) into chemo. I had been on the oil for approximately 11 weeks with 9 weeks at 1 gram a day. The September scan showed an 85-90% reduction in the cancer in my lymph nodes and my side. I continued on 1 gram a day and had the third scan around Thanksgiving (the week before). That scan showed no evidence of cancer anywhere on my skeleton and the lesion on my side as well as the lymph nodes was 98% gone. And what was left was a small reminisce of what came before. It was dull and grey in color and I was told it was not active at all.

After contacting Constance and the team, I was told that I should reduce the oil intake to 3 grams a month from 1 gram a day. I have been reluctant to do so but did in the end reduce the dosage. I probably am taking something greater than the 3 grams a month because it’s too hard to place such a small amount into the capsule for taking. The amount now is 1/10 of a gram a day and the oil comes in a syringe. Making the two work together is difficult so I end up with a bit more. Probably taking around 4 grams a month right now. My next scan will be two weeks from today. I will be having it just before my 11th chemo so as to assess the progress and make changes if necessary. I have had few of the traditional side effects from my treatment. I have not had diarrhea, constipation, I am in no pain, insomnia is minimal with oil, and I have lost only 8 lbs since beginning this journey seven months ago. Yes, I have an appetite issue, I have peripheral neuropathy, and I lost 85% of my hair. I have some energy issues compared with before, but doing well. I drive, travel, and sleep 8-9 hours a day. In the beginning it was much more. The high oil dosage took some getting used to.

Well, that is my story for now. I am hoping for another good scan and to discuss new treatment options like immune therapy. We feel the oil is helping. We don’t know for sure and we are trying to remain real. Without real research and study there will never be a definitive statement about the efficacy of the oil. But I am having good results where others have lesser results with only the chemo regiment I am on. I feel good, sleep, and I cannot tell you how good I feel emotionally once I was in remission. I went from feeling like I’m dying to feeling like I am living and winning. Yes, my cancer is not curable. Yes, it may come back as it does for many. But right now I am beating the odds. The oncologist says the remission has reset the clock and two years, at best, is no longer my future. They say that it has bought me time and life for perhaps an additional two years even if it did come back. And I’m expecting more and better results moving forward. So why these results? Who knows? All I know is that I am where I want to be today and am hoping for more of the same in the future. My treatment includes cannabis oil and I will continue to include it in my treatment and hope it is my secret weapon. Good luck and I hope you stay in touch and let me know what your decision was and how you are doing


Constance Finley